Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Need extra credit cards?

In another 12 months or so, i'll be a free person. Free from debt. Free to do anything with all my future earnings. Right now, most of what i earn has to go for debt repayment. Oh, dont ask me how come i have so much debt to repay. Running a business is tough. It's either you win or you lose. But as long as USD continues to go up, i'm happy happy happy. According to our Finance Minister, Riggit will not pegged against the US dollar. Right now, it's around 3.5 to a dollar by the time my money arrives. Hopefully, USD will continue to rise and rise and rise, LOLZ!!!!

Yesterday afternoon, hubby drove me to Greentown as i wanted to cancel off some of my unused credit cards. I have so many friends working at the bank, and each time they call me up, there'll definitely be some new Credit Card Offers to recommend me. Offers like Student Credit Cards, Travel Rewards Credit Card are just some of them. I only use my Platinum credit cards these days as i do get more privileges and discounts. I love my Citibank Business credit card best of all as i get 1.5x reward points each time i use it.

I still have a few credit cards that will expire soon, but i dont want to wait so long. Cutting them up is better. Not a good idea to have such a large unused line of credit, you know. Bad for my records. If you feel that you need extra credit cards, you can go check out any of the links i left here in this post. The site has many useful articles that can help you select one that suits your lifestyle. Just remember one thing, be a responsible credit cards user. Always pay your bills on time and in full. If not, you'll have to bear the interest charged by the bank.

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