Thursday, October 09, 2008

Web hosting reviews

My very first blog was hosted by Blogger. It's a free platform and apart from publishing my posts whenever i like, there's nothing much i need to do. Oh, perhaps change a template or two, thats about it. Not that you can do much on a free platform either. Since i started monetizing my blog, i've set up a few more blogs to maximize my revenue. In order to do so, i registered a few domains and got myself a basic Web Hosting package. And as my network of blogs grew, i bought a few more hosting packages as i dont believe in putting all my eggs in a single basket.

Sometime, if a server is down, all the blogs hosted on it will be affected. And if all my blogs are on one server, that means a huge of revenue for me. So, now you know why i have so many hosting packages. I still have some blogs on free platforms like Blogger and Wordpress. But like i said earlier, you cannot have much control over your blogs if you are on a free platform. Some dont even allow you to monetize your blogs at all. If you want more control over your blogs and would like to move on to your own self-hosted domains, you may find these web hosting reviews useful. Do check out Lunarpages and their hosting packages. I'm sure you can find one that's suitable for your needs.

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