Thursday, October 09, 2008

When was your last trip to Genting Highlands?

If i'm not wrong, i may the only one in my entire family who owns a LCD TV. Ya, bought a nice entry-level 32" Sony LCD TV not too long ago for my kid to play the Wii on it. I would love to own a 37 or even 40 inch version. But then, i only have a viewing distance of less than 10 feet inside my room. The 32" model will suffice for the time being as i can use it as a monitor for my pc next time.

My uncle was over the other day and he came into my room to take a closer look at my Sony LCD TV. And since i've hooked my laptop to it, i showed him how i can surf the internet from my bed. He was very impressed and asked if i can go over and help him set his up when his new LCD TV arrives this weekend. Why not. Only takes two cables to get it done. Nothing complicated at all.

He told me he finds it tiring sitting at the desk. He's an online casino junkie and spends nearly the whole day playing video poker. My aunt isnt complaining though. She prefer him to stay home than go to the club. They are both not new to online casinos as my uncle was a croupier in his younger days. Worked at Genting Highland before. He's now retired. Well, i'm not into all these. But if you are, you can go check out the links here.

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