Monday, October 06, 2008

So you want to blog too?

Starting a blog is easy, but building a good blog with lots of useful contents is not that easy. On any given day, i can shoot up to ten blogs online if the mood strikes. I said "blogs", not "posts". My friend asked me how i can manage so many blogs at once. I told him that's because i know how to mange my time and i also invest in a lot of tools and software needed to speed up many of those mundane tasks everyday. Time management is important if you are a full time blogger like me. If not, you'll only be bogged down by the thought of having to update so many blogs in a single day.

One of them is interested in starting a flagship blog and asked me if it's best to get the help of this Marketing Company to help him make his presence felt on the world wide web. Well, that depends on how serious he is with his blogging. If he is, then the Marketing Company he mentioned will surely be of help to him. I dont have a flagship blog. Only a few personal blogs and the rest are mostly niches and online stores. That's more than enough to keep me busy each day. Well, if you are interested in blogging and like to brand your blog, then the link here may be of help to you.

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