Monday, October 06, 2008

Are you particular over branding?

My dad has to be in bed for more than six months on doctor's instructions. His legs is in some kinda contraption in a straight position and there's no way he can move about. You know how boring it can be if all you can do is lie still in bed. You eat there, you do your "business" there, you sleep there, period. I bought my mom a small TV many years ago and i'm glad they moved it back into his room to keep him entertained. At least he gets to listen or watch the news. If not, he'll be calling out for my mom every 15 minutes or so requesting for a drink, a scratch or dunno what else he wants. Sigh.... i guess if i have to live in bed for six months, i'll go mad.

I asked my mom if he'll like to have a DVD inside the room or not. I have some nice DVDs which i think he'll enjoy watching. My dad, he loves everything related to his motherland, China. And i have a large collection of Chinese documentaries on DVDs. As Tesco is just near where my mom lives, i went there to check out what DVD the carry. I'm very particular when it comes to branding. If i've not heard of the brand before, i wont buy it. I've had bad experience with non-branded electrical items before. Though Tesco has a return policy in place, it's still a hassle lugging the thing back for a refund. Nope, Tesco doesnt have the brand i want to buy. I'll have to go back to my regular electrical shop to get it for my dad. Are you like me? Are you particular over Branding?

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