Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christmas gifts for kids tip

For the whole of last week till today, i've been hanging out at a few forums. I've never wasted so much time in my entire blogging life, let me tell you.I even signed up as a member at those forums so that i can do some postings there, lol. You say i waste time or not. Instead of updating my blogs, i go hang out at forums. In a way, i learned quite a few things there. A lot of members there are pretty ungrateful for the links other members post on the threads. Those are mostly members who have nothing much to contribute but are there to grab the links as soon as they are up. They will complain about the quality, the speed, anything. And half the time, they argue amongst themselves, it's hilarious. Out of sheer boredom, i posted a few comments there just so to start a flaming session. Oh boy, so much fun. A total waste of time though.

The reason i'm home so much is because of the weather. It's so wet everywhere that i really feel up to anything. I initially wanted to buy some Baseball Gloves for my nephews so that they can have a game in the evenings. But looking at the weather conditions, i might as well save my money and buy them a few more video games instead. The baseball gloves can wait till school restarts.If you are still thinking of what to buy for kids this Christmas, you may want to hurry over to the link here in this post and check out the range of baseball gloves there. Go grab a few. They do make great Christmas gifts for kids. Ok, i'm going to play video game with my kid now.

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