Monday, November 17, 2008

Party ideas for you!!!

Last Friday was full of joy for many, and also full of tears for others. Reason being, UPSR results 2008 was out that day. My nephew obtains 7As, happy for him. As for my niece, she only got 4As. She was so disappointed with her results that she cried till her friend's mom called her dad up to pick her up from school. Silly girl. It's only a school exam, not the end of the world. According to my sis, she may want to throw a small party to cheer her up this holiday. Good good good, i love parties, especially childrens' parties.

If i have my own place, i'll be throwing lots of parties for my kids. Birthdays, festive holidays, achievements are just a few of the happy events that ought to be celebrated. Well, i think my sis may need some fresh party ideas this time. She's thrown quite a few this year and she may have run out of party ideas, lol. Oh nevermind, i've done her a favor and found this site for her. She can get all the party ideas that she'll ever need there. if you are going to throw a party, you may want to check the site out too. Have fun, ya!!!!

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