Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wii Fit is out of stock

Now that i have some "meat" on me and no longer look so skinny, i wore my favorite spaghetti-strapped top when i went back to my mom's. My mom saw me and commented i look good. *grins happily* Bu the thing is my bum is a bit big, and i dont like that. My jeans are becoming tighter and i'm afraid one day, i wont be able to fit into them. I'm thankful that all my jeans are stretchables, so, though tight, they still fit well. Just hope i maintain my weight and not put on anymore. Hate walking around with a big bum, lol.

My SIL saw me and asked me if i know about this Fenterdren as her friend took some and lost a fair amount of weight. Geee... i'm not into diet pills. If i want to lose weight, i'll stay home and work out on my Wii Fit. Maybe she ought to buy a Wii Fit too since that lazy bum is home all day long. Serves her right for becoming fatter by the day. All food and no play, makes one a real fatty bum, LOLZ!!!! But even if she sto buy a Wii Fit, she may have to wait till next year. No more stock!!!

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