Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Affordable Holiday frames for all

School reopens next week. Have you bought all the necessary school items for your kids yet? I havent, lol. Gordon needs a new school bag as the one he's using is well over two years old and the water-proofing layer at the bottom of the bag is all gone. The bag is alright though. A friend told me i can always sew him a new base and have it covered in plastic as a DIY water-proofing pad. I know that will easily save me 50 bucks or so, but i'm far too lazy to get it done. Buying him a new one is much easier, lol.

My SIL was over just now and she complained to me about how much she had to spend at the optical shop just now. All her four kids wear glasses and each year, she has to spend a lot of money getting them new frames. Kids can be careless with their glasses and break them all the time. My SIL has to keep replacing them all year round. I'm thankful Gordon has good eyesight and doesnt need glasses. Hope never.

But if you need to get new frames for your kid or family members, you may want to check out these beautiful and affordable Holiday frames. You can buy them in bulk with lots of savings in the long run. You dont have to worry about your kids breaking them anymore as they are oh-so-cheap. Just take a look at the one in the picture above. Lovely frame, isnt it. Go check the site out.

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