Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Check out the fashion jewelry sets at holsted

Chinese weddings can be both interesting and boring at the same time depending how you look at it. I asked a friend of mine who went through the whole traditional routine and guess what she told me. The only interesting part for her was when each relative put jewelry on her. She found that almost everyone was trying to see what each other was giving her, lol.

As my friend doesnt fancy gold jewelry much, she was pretty upset that she had to wear so many gold bracelets, gold necklaces, gold this, gold that, the whole day. She was really glad when the tea ceremony was finally over and she can quickly remove them all off her. She says she'd rather wear fashion jewelry from holsted than real gold.

I understand that as gold can be rather garish if overdone. I seldom wear mine too. Not that it's safe to wear gold jewelry these days with the high crime rate. I dont have fashion jewelry sets like the ones she bought from holsted. Not bad, you know. I've left the link here so that you can go check it out.

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Virginia Janet said...

Oh!! I'm just looking for new jewelry set!! Thanks for the information!!