Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Expensive toilet trip

I woke up early this morning as hubby had a train to catch. As we still had time, we had breakfast at Oldtown Kong Heng Coffeeshop. Ya, the usual Kai See Hor Fun, nothing special. We proceeded straight to the railway station and on the way, i gotta poo. You know, when one gotta poo, one gotta poo, k. As soon as we reached the railway station, i jumped off the car and headed to the loo. Hubby parked the car but forgot to take the parking ticket out. We still had some time remaining on the ticket. And so, no need to explain further lah. The title already says it all. The knnccb compound ticket cost Rm20 if paid within 14 days, or Rm30 thereafter. Tiu, another 10c deduction on petrol price also no difference liao, wtf.

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