Saturday, December 06, 2008

Looking for a good gps tracking device

I just got back from the foodcourt not too long ago. Hubby's going away on a business trip again and as usual, he would want to take the kids out. So, i have to stop doing what i'm working on, and get the kids ready for supper out. The night is chilly and i had to make sure they dont catch a cold. My three men are in bed sound asleep, and now, i have to quickly finish up my work and get some sleep. Gotta get up early and have breakfast with him before he leaves for his business trip.

For the fifth time, he reminded to help him find a good gps tracking device. His friend wants to install one to his new car. His friend's kid just obtained his driver's license and according to his friend, he would like to track his whereabouts. He's afraid that he might get stranded somewhere and doesnt know his way around. Sounds paranoid to me. Just how can one get lost in Ipoh, i really dont know. But if he wants to buy and install a gps tracking device to the car, then by all means. Would you do that if you are in his position?

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