Saturday, December 20, 2008

What to buy for the new school term?

The new school term will start soon. This time, both my kids are going to the same Kindy together. I know Malcolm's only 2.5 yrs old next January, but i want him to at least go to school with his Kor-kor mah. He's been at the daycare for half a year and he's coping well. His teacher even told us yesterday that my lil fler can now fight, and runs away fast after that too. Getting bigger, bolder and cheekier by the day. Well, hope the teachers at the Kindy wont call up and ask me take him back next time, lol.

I havent been to the Kindy to pay his school fees yet as i'm rather busy lately. There are a lot of things to do and by the time i stop work, it's already late. But i've booked him for afternoon session, same as Gordon. My baby is so small in size that i wonder if the school uniform fits him or not, haha. He'll look really funny in over-sized clothes. No idea if there'll be school books for kids his age or not. So, not going to buy him a new schoolbag yet. Gordon will be using his old one as it's still in good condition.

The other day when i took him out with me, i stumbled upon an online sports shop and saw some really nice baseball gloves. It's still the school holidays and i'm going to get his papa to get him and his cousins some Baseball Gloves. I'll be sending him over to my mom's during the weekdays and they can all play baseball together. If i remember well, my nephew just joined his school baseball team. The baseball gloves will come in handy.

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