Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Who likes Ngah Choi Kai here?

I cant remember when was the last time i had Ngah-Choi-Kai at Lou Wong. We drove past it the other day and i suggested to hubby we have a meal there. After going around the place a few times, we found a parking space. Those who loves to eat there will know how dreadful it can be looking for a parking space near Lou Wong.

After ordering our food, Malcolm started pulling hubby away. He wanted to walk to the lighting shop at the other end of the shoplot. I bought some indoor lighting from that shop before. Guess Malcolm is fascinated with all the blinking lights on display there. Gordon is happy playing with his PSP. As for the food, i find that it's really nothing to shout about. Guess i wont be going back there for a long long time.

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