Monday, January 05, 2009

Do you use a shopping list when you go shopping?

I just settled one of my previous month's credit card bill. Not much, only 3k plus, lol. More to come, *slaps forehead*. And dont you worry. I always settle all my credit card bills in full so as not to incur any interest. That card is a business card, one that hubby uses when he travels. You know how expensive it can be to stay at a hotel during the festive season, right. If not for business, he wouldnt have gone to KL in December in the first place. I was supposed to go down with him during the last week of December but myself and both my kids were down with flu. That's why i cancelled the trip at the very last minute. Save me lots of money, lol.

I've been shopping a lot lately too. Mostly for kids clothing. Both my boys have shot up a lot this few weeks and i found that their jeans are literally hanging and their t-shirts suddenly became so short. I dont buy unless there's a SALE going on/ If an item is not at 50 - 70% off, sorry, bye-bye. Talk about shopping, do you have a habit of making a shopping list before you leave the house? I dont write them down, but key them into my phone. I find that it's good to do so as i spend less that way. If you dont like to write, you may want to check out this site that allows visitors create, manage and save their shopping list online. You can also find money saving grocery coupons that you can print out on the computer too. Convenient, eh.

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