Sunday, February 01, 2009

Best Las Vegas hotel deals

The funeral next door is still ongoing. I went over last night to chat with my neighbor. There were not that many guest over as it's still Chinese new Year. Moreover, it's raining. I forgot to take a look at the noticeboard at the porch. So, no idea when the procession day is. But i think it should be Monday. I had a chat with a friend when i got home and he joked with me if i saw any numbers on the joss stick or not. It's common for people to burn joss stick that will produce a number at the top few inches of it. I told him of course not. If there is, i'll bet on it. If it comes out first prize, then i dont have to go searching for the best last vegas hotel deals online. Can just book the best room there and holiday for a whole month, lol. You going to las vegas? The link here in thi spost will lead you to a website where you can get the best las vegas hotel deals, k. have fun.

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