Monday, February 02, 2009

Where to buy the Le Creuset Tagine cookware?

I'm so so so glad that starting tomorrow morning, my kids goes back to school. I know tomorrow is a public holiday for Federal Territory folks, but Perakians are also getting on on the 3rd, lol. Sigh, Malaysia can be a really confusing place to live and work in with so many public holidays. Is it one of the countries in this world with the most public holidays? In a way, i just need to check my kids' schoolbag each evening to know if they need to go to school the following day or not. The school will leave a note in their bags if there's one. There have been many times i sent them to school on a public holiday, lol. I know, i'm forgetful. Cant help it, k.

Right after sending them to school tomorrow, i have to hurry over to the bank to bank in some checks. I could have done that via the check deposit machine but i was far to lazy to head over to the bank. I'll do it on my way out tomorrow. No hurry. I wonder if Parkson has this what you call the Le Creuset Tagine or not. It's a kind of cooking equipment with a conical cover that retains lots of moisture during slow cooking time. It's not a common cookware but i hope i can find one at Parkson. If not, i may need to buy the Le Creuset Tagine online from this store. If you are interested to know what a Tagine is, then head over to this online to take a look at it.

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