Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I get my work days back, lol

I get the week to myself again. Hubby has gone out-station again. He didnt say when he'll be back, but i gather it should be this weekend. Today's only Wednesday. He should be able to get a lot done in four days time. Me, i need a lot of time to catch up with my work. I promised a friend that i'll help him look for a good Moving Company as he will be moving house at the end of this month. Well, i found him one after asking a blog buddy. If you need to look for a Moving Company, then check out the link i left here earlier, k. Dont ever bother your friends and family members when you need to move things over to your new house.

Whenever he's around, i dont ever get to do much as i need to help him with the accounts and also go to the banks with him. It's difficult to get a good parking space and i need to sit in the car when he's inside the bank. By the time we get things done, it's time to go pick the kids up from school. Thereafter, i wont get to do much until they go to bed. And that's provided Malcolm doesnt wake up in the middle of the night demanding that i get back to bed to nurse him. Ok, i gotta get back to work. I need to send the computer to have the power supply changed later. I have a feeling it's gonna conk out soon, lol.

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