Thursday, March 26, 2009

Need term life insurance quotes

I was rudely waken up by an unwanted phonecall early this morning. Who? None other by those darned insurance telemarketers. Damn, you know how much i need to sleep in, right. Too bad, they dont and they choose to be super efficient by calling me as soon as they reach their office. I have to work through the night. Anyway, i've now begun to key in every single one of those phone numbers into my phonebook and assigned a category to them. My phone will never ring each time the call shows these numbers. Hopefully, they will stop calling me after a while, lol.

Talking of insurance, many of my friends are finding it hard to keep paying their policy premiums these days. Most of them over-insured themselves when they bought their policies last time. They were much younger then and have not much financial worries. Times are bad now and a few of them are thinking of cashing in their policies. I dont know if it's a good idea to do that or not. I'll leave it up to them to decide. Meanwhile, if you need to buy term life insurance, do go get a quick online quote form the link i left here in this post. Make sure you are comfortable with the monthly repayments as you have to keep paying it for a long long time.

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