Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Do you have insurance?

Something must have came over me last night. I had so much beer and ended up with a hangover which lasted the whole day. There's so much to do today and i turned into a useless slob. I called up my friend who works at the bank to see if she can help me out or not but she told me she's been very busy the whole day. There was a new Investment Fund being launched and people are lining up to buy it. I was told it pays a 5% yearly dividend, which is much higher than Fixed Deposit. I'm not interested in that as i do not like to tie up my money in such kind of investments.

Anyway, she then told me i can buy term life insurance as apart from providing me with money in my old age, it also offers my family protection in the event of my demise. Naw... i'm already fully insured. I know of many people who over insure themselves and have difficulty making their monthly repayment. If you buy term life insurance, do make sure you can make the repayments for decades on end, ok. I've left the link to a site where you can learn more about term life insurance here. You can also request for a quote too. Check it out, ok.

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