Sunday, April 19, 2009

Interested in some affordable bed and breakfast packages?

How many of you enjoy long weekends home? I believe for working parents, long weekends off are pretty rare, right. But those living in Malaysia are used to having long weekends off. We have so many Public Holidays and keeping track of them can a real pain. Each State has its very own set of Public Holidays, lol. It can be really confusing if you are not a Malaysian. It's a major headache for many of my expat friends here. I am a Perakian and we're getting ours this weekend. Its our Sultan's birthday. It falls on a Sunday and we get Monday off.

Some of my friends took the opportunity and went on a holiday. I'd sure love to go too but hubby is not back from his business trip yet. he did say he'll be back today, but didnt say what time. I guess it'll be dark by the time he's back. I think it's going to rain soon. It's dark and gloomy now and i can hear the rumbling sky in the distance. Never mind, i'll go cook myself some pasta, toast some garlic bread and imagine myself enjoying the weekend off at some faraway Italian bed and breakfast inn. I may not be able to go on a holiday now, but i'll plan for one from this list of bed and breakfast this year end. Join me?

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