Tuesday, April 07, 2009

New responsibility

I dont think i can relax so much at home soon. My MIL is getting old and not feeling well these days. She hinted to me the other day to take over the cooking duties from her. I did not provide her with answer yet as i need to check and see how best to go about the new responsibility.

For a start, i need to clean the kitchen and revamp it a little. My MIL's got things placed everywhere. It's been her domain for so long that if i were to cook in it, i'll most likely be running like a chicken without a head, lol.

I've also spoken with hubby over the matter and he seems pleased that i'm ready to cook for the family. I may not be an excellent cook, but through daily experiments, i think i'll do well. Come end of the year, i'll bug him to take us all for a vacation. These Outer Banks rentals are not bad, dont you think so.

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