Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Do you spend a lot each month?

The internet lines are getting from bad to worse by the day. It's actually stressing me out trying to reload the sites over and over again. I have so many links to out up and till now, nothing gets done. And just now, i got email telling me my bandwidth exceeded its limit to one particular site. I'm very lucky as my host was around and he added a few more Gigs to my bandwidth. If not, i can only sit and see money flowing away. Not good, right. My earnings are derived solely from my online activities. If the internet lines are bad, i cant blog much.

In a way, i'm also glad that i dont have high overheads. I dont spend much these days as i sit home more. Most of my money goes to my kids' school fees, food and monthly expenses like phone bills, electricity bill, grocery, etc. I seldom buy stuffs for myself unless i really need it. Better to save my money for rainy days. There are things i will keep paying no matter what happens. They are my medical and term life insurance policies. Life is unpredictable and i dont want my family to go through any financial difficulty should i die unexpectedly. If you havent bought insurance, you may do so via the link i left here in this post.

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