Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gonna buy some good Thai Recipe Cook Books!!!

It's almost supper time and now, i'm hankering for TOM YUM!!!! Arrrggghhhh..... how can!!!! Where am i going to get good TOM YUM in the middle of the night. My kids are in the room; one is asleep, the other is at Youtube. I cant leave them here and buy some at the foodcourt, right. Hubby is still away. He called to say he might be back tomorrow or Wednesday. I wish he'll be home soon. I wonder why each time he goes off, one of the kids will come down with something.

Talking of Tom Yum, i think it's time i learn to make it. My friend has a really great recipe for Ton Yum but forgotten where she placed it. She told me she'll invite me over to her when she cooks it so that i can write down in detail the ingredients and steps needed to make a great pot of Tom Yum. But the thing is, that was like three months ago!!!!

Hubby also likes to eat Tom Yum very much. He asked me to go buy a Thai Food recipe book and learn to cook it. I really do hope borders may 2009 collection has some really good Thai recipe books. Good idea, huh. Do you like to cook? If you do, why not head over to Border's and check out their latest cookbooks? I'm off, tata!!!

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