Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Do you still wear gold jewelry?

A couple of days ago, i took out all my gold wedding jewelry as i wanted to look for a bracelet. I found one and wore it for a day. Somehow, after not wearing jewelry like bracelets and bangles for such a long time, i found that i do not like the feeling of having something get in the way when i need to work at the pc. I placed it back into the jewelry box after wearing it for less that a day.

Hubby told me to go sell them off now that gold is fetching a good price. I think i'm going to do just that since i no longer wear them. Keep the few that i really like like the ones my in-law and parents gave me, then dispose the rest of the items. How come no one thought of giving me a rare coin or two for my wedding? I would have kept that as my family heirloom. Hmmmm.... if i have a lot of cash, i'll buy some rare coins now. If you are also interested in rare coins, you can get more information on where to buy rare coins from the link i left here in this post.

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