Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hubby's wish is to have a beautiful landscaped garden one day

My mom is in the midst of renovating the back portion of her house. She'll be getting a bigger kitchen soon. She loves to cook and in another few weeks time, she'll get to enjoy it even more with so much space. How i wish ours can be bigger. I asked hubby if he can make ours larger or not and he says wait till he hits the lottery first, lol. The house we live in now belongs to my in-laws. And if we were to renovate it, we might as well reconstruct the whole house with a new layout. That'll cost a lot of money. But, compared to buying a new house, it's still worth it as ours is a corner house with a big garden and it's only about 6km away from town.

I've already come to a point that i no longer wish to own a new house. It'll be ours sooner or later. Who cares how long it takes. Best is to make lots of money now so that we can do whatever we like with it next time. Hubby has always wanted a beautifully landscaped garden. We have the land to make his dream come true. We just need to hire some landscaping professional to come get it done for us. I came across this massachusetts landscaping the other day and i'll definitely bookmark it for my future reference. I know i'll need their expertise one day. For now, i'll try my best to maintain the house first. Talking of the garden, it's also time to call the gardener in to cut the grass. The grass is getting a tad too long for my liking.

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