Friday, August 28, 2009

Busy Friday for me

It's Friday. I hope hubby comes back today. He's been away since Tuesday and both my kids are having Papa Withdrawal Symptoms, lol. They miss him so much that when it's bedtime, they'll keep asking me, "Papa come back?". See, having their mom home with them 24 hours a day is not enough. They havent got a clue that it's every child's wish to have their mom home with them all day long, sigh. Too pampered since they were born i guess.

Hubby called me yesterday that he bought a shirt for Gordon. My big boy will be six years old tomorrow. Big boy liao. And very mischievous too. He even bullies his brother when i'm not looking; naughty boy. He will behave a little when i show him the cane. But not for long, lol. Boys will be boys, kids will be kids. Always up to mischief, right.

Well, a friend just told me she'll be moving to a new place with the help of this Boston Moving Company. Just bought the house a few months back. I wont be buying a house as he one we're staying in will eventually be ours, lol. Why waste money, right. It may be old, but it's near town. We'll just need to renovate it a little next time.

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