Sunday, August 02, 2009

I want a second honeymoon

My friend was pretty shocked when i told her i didnt have any official wedding function when i married my hubby. She went through all the traditional Chinese customs and said she didnt enjoy it at all. Both hubby and i are very low-profiled people and we dont find it necessary to announce to the whole world that we're getting married. We didnt even go anywhere for our honeymoon though i know that there are many affordable destination weddings packages online. We only had our wedding photographs taken at a studio. In fact, many of my friends dont even know that i'm married with two kids till today, lol. Well, unless they read my blog, of course. Looking back, maybe we should have gone on a honeymoon then. But it's not too late now. Heard of the Riviera Maya? My friends told me its white sandy beaches is very beautiful and i ought to spend a week there one of these days. Why not, huh. If you are getting married, you should go check it out too.

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