Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Do you have a water filter at home?

I wonder why i am the only one who changes the kitchen's water filter each time the flow slows down. Hubby will only complain about the slow water flow. I just changed it two days back and now, i can see so much yellow sediment on the filter. The water quality is getting from bad to worse these days. i wonder what will happen if we were to drink unfiltered water each day. Will we die from it?

If i have the means, i'll install one of those huge water filter at the incoming ware pipe. We can then have clean filtered water for the whole house. That way, my white shirts will stay whiter too when washed. Now that we are talking about water filter, do you know anything about this ukf8001axx or not. I saw my friend updating her facebook status about buying this the other day. She's no where to be found both online and offline now.

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