Thursday, October 22, 2009

My knitting blog is now safe in my webhosting account.... phewwww

I can be such a big-blur once in a while. You see, i have two knitting blogs, which are hosted differently. Both have their own flickr accounts for the projects pictures. One blog is dormant, the other is still being updated. The thing is, i've not been working on those blogs for a long time.

Yesterday, i sent a pic to one of those blogs so that Google knows that it's still alive. I then logged in to check on my new post and found that the webhosting been suspended. OMG!!!!!! After going through my mailbox, i found the renewal reminder ended up inside the junkmail folder. I'm lucky as i can still access the database and i quickly got my webhost to transfer the blog out to my other webhosting account, lol.

All the while, i've mixed up the two knitting blogs. I keep thinking that the dormant one is at the now-expired account, and vice-versa. Thank god i still have all my posts. If not, i think i'll cry. Knitting blogs are the kind of blogs that you cannot make overnight. It took me many months of hard work to produce all the projects for the posts. Anyway, i've just decided to continue working on the blog and i even have new projects on hand too.

If you have many blogs and webhosting accounts. I suggest you check on them every now and then to ensure that everything is running smoothly and renew them before its due date. if you are looking for a ew webhosting account, i've left the link to a webhosting company so that you can check out their packages.

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