Friday, October 30, 2009

No domestic helper for us :(

It's been nearly two weeks since our neighbor moved in next door. It's a young couple, married recently with no kids yet. I hope when they have a baby next time, theirs wont turn out to be a crybaby like mine, lol. I was out for lunch with a good friend of mine yesterday when she asked me if i'm going to try for number three or not. CHOIIIISSSSS, no way!!!! Two is more than enough for me to handle and if i were to have another, i dont think i'll ever get a life of my own for the next five years. I might as well have no life at all, LOL!!!! There's actually not much that one can do with a baby around. I dont have a domestic helper and i need to do everything on my own, blehhh.

Our next door neighbor hired some daily to help them clean the house after the Boston Movers left. I was there when the movers were unloading the stuffs for them. Really efficient people and i think everyone should hire professional movers when they move to a new place. Less headache for all. Talking of domestic helpers, my MIL asked me to go look for one about two weeks back, and a few days ago, she came and told me she doesnt want one afterall, wth. Knowing her, i didnt look for one in the first place. Fickle-minded, eh. Oh, nevermind. I can always call those hourly domestic helpers over during the weekends to help clean the windows and fans. No hassle at all as long as one has money :)

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