Friday, October 30, 2009

My nephew lost his baseball glove

I have this feeling that a working brain burns more calories that all workouts combined. i just had a late breakfast about two hours ago before i sent the kid to school. I just sat down here to work and after publishing five posts, i'm feeling hungry all over again. No joke, man. I just went to kitchen to get myself a bowl of rice with stir-fried brinjals and also fish. I dare not eat much now, just enough to line my stomach as too much food may make me sleepy afterwards, lol.

I have a few knitting and crochet projects on hand and i intend to work on them over the weekend. The kids will be busy at their cousin's. I promised my kid that i'll let him play with his Wii. I think the best thing is to take the whole thing over to my Mom's and hook it up there for them to play. Moreover, my nephew wants to show me his new baseball glove. I bought him one last year and he somehow lost it, careless boy. I wonder who bought him the new baseball glove this time. Maybe my brother?

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