Monday, November 16, 2009

Are you going to file your taxes next year?

I know it's still a bit too early to think of tax filing and things like this. It's a few months away. I am still thinking of whether to file my tax next year or not. Maybe yes, maybe no. I've spoken to a few persons who are professionals in this field and they advised me that i can start filing mine next year if i'm ready. Being a blogger, my income comes from online companies all outside the country. My friends told me to check out this Las Vegas cpa firm and see if they can help or not. After checking it out, i found that they are a very well respected cpa company with vast experience in a lot of industries. Well, i've bookmarked it for my future reference. But if you looking for a professional Las Vegas cpa firm, you may want to check the link out. Dont wait till the very last minute, ok.

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