Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bought more yarn today :p

I gave in to temptations and bought another batch of yarn again today, lol. I'm spending a lot on yarn these days. I'm always like this towards the end of the year. I just feel like knitting and working on new crochet projects. Maybe it's near CNY and i wanted to have more time on hand to work on the projects. The yarn i bought during the last two years are still stashed under the bed. They are worth thousands. Sssshhhhh.... dont tell hubby, he'll freak out!!! If i keep going to the yarn store, i might as well forget about these costa rica vacation packages. DAMN!!! I MUST FINISH UP THE OLD YARN BEFORE I BUY MORE. I MUST STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM THE YARN STORE. I MUST NOT TAKE MY CREDIT CARD ALONG IF I NEED TO GO TO THE YARN STORE DESPERATELY...... AAAAAARRRRGGGHHHHH

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