Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lots of packing to do

How do you usually end your year? Me, i love to throw away stuff. Have to do that in order to make room for new stuffs. My living hall is now half-filled with lots of bags containing old and used stuffs. Hubby told me to pack them up and call the recycling company to come pick them up. MIL still havent finished clearing hers. So, i'll leave it to her to call them up instead. I know she wont take long as she hates seeing things all over the place. Well, it's good as i can start my new year shopping soon. I want to replace a lot of things around the house to welcome the new year.

I found lots of my company's old documents and wonder of hubby still wants them or not. They are all neatly packed in a box and doesnt take up much room in the guest room. I went through them and there's nothing important inside at all. I came across the Fleet Program we used last time and that reminded me that i have to help a friend look for a company that offers a Fleet Program!!!! After checking with a few online friends, i was directed to a company that offers Fleet Program as part of their services. Well, i hope my friend finds it useful. If you are also looking such kind of company, you may want to check out the link here. I gotta continue with my packing, ya.

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