Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All those homework phonecalls must come in just when i'm putting my kids to bed. I cant help but answer the call as it's important for both parties involved. The boys are already very cranky as i was late myself. Many factors la. I only have two hands handling two fightercocks on my own. Bathe la, change la, wash la, milk la, chocolate milk la, horlicks la, cry la, fight la, this la, that la. Blardy sienz, man, aitelyu. So now, both of them will sleep for one hour lesser tonight. One kid gotta wake up by 8.30am latest to go for his tuition class, the other is sure to follow suit cos get to go gaigai. Haiz.... parenting duties really sucks, especially when i cant read 75% of the books in my kid's bag.

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