Sunday, February 21, 2010

Car talk

Chinese New Year is one of the hottest time of the year. This evening, the sky turned a dark shade of gray and i thought it's going to rain. Unfortunately, it didnt. It hasnt rained in more than a week. Everyone in my family is either down with cough or cold. I think hubby's the only one who's not sick. I hope he wont catch anything from us as he will need to go back to KL soon after the weekend. So, he'd better not be sick, lol. If not, who's going to earn money back, right. I cant do much now as i still needs to accompany my kid to school. The few short hours in between doesnt let me do much to my blogs these days. Sad, huh.

Last weekend, my brother-in-law came back for the festive holidays. As usual, his favorite topic is cars. Hubby entertained him as he's also very much into cars. My Brother-in-law showed us some cool chevrolet equinox photos. I went back to my room as i know nuts about cars. As long as it can move, i'm happy, lol. I can hear them talking about honda cr-v specs, honda pilot specs, and other cars for hours on end. Not tired meh? Well, my friend owns a Honda CRV and i know that it's a very good car. If you are in the market for a new car, then do take some time to check out the links i've left here in this post. may provide you with more information, ok.

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