Monday, February 22, 2010

Where to get discount kitchen knives online

I guess Chinese New Year is somewhat officially over for many silais like me. I put my big kid to bed about two hours ago and he is now snoring away quietly. I hope he get's enough sleep. He needs to wake up by 8.30am so that he can go for his tuition at 9am. There's still Chinese homework left undone and pray he can finish them on time. Someone took one of his homework book and i'll have to try to get it back. No idea who took it too. If i cant find it, i'll have to explain to his teacher how it got lost so that she can start another one for him. It's not his fault. These things do happen. Really no big deal at all.

Last night, he had a great time at my friend's house. They celebrated Chor 8 with lots of fireworks and food. My boy stared and stared at the big Roasted Pig on the table, lol. My friend hired a butcher back to help them cut up the huge Roasted Pig for their guests. It took him so long to finish cutting it up. I wonder how long i'll need if i have to do that on my own. I guess with the kind of kitchen knives we have, it'll take a zillion years, lol. Anyway, my MIL was also grumbling about our kitchen knives nor sharp and such. Had better go buy a few more back for her. My friend told me she buys her here at this discount knives online store. I'm going to see if they have one that's right for my MIL. If you need to buy knives, then check the site out, ya.

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Ashley said...

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