Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No more money to buy gold bullion :(

I promised myself i have to stay off Facebook and i did. Other than read my friends' updates and post a few links up myself, i stayed far far away from those games and applications that do nothing other than waste my time. Yesterday, my dear friend May, complained that what she received in her bank account is a lot lesser this few days. She earns USD and after conversion, it's a few hundred bucks lesser. Well, i guess it's the strengthening of the Ringgit against US Dollars then. She now wants to buy gold bullion as an investment and asked me to join her. Unfortunately, i dont have much cash on hand as i've just bought a car. I need six months to recover from my recent "shopping" stint, lol. But if you are looking for more information on where to buy gold bullion, then hop over to the link i left here in this post. Good luck in your investment, ya.

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