Saturday, March 13, 2010

These home plans just make me wanna build my own house

It's really funny how friends react to some of my posts. There was a time i used to rant about my life at home. My busybody SILs used to come over to my place and try to climb over my head. I usually dont give a damn about what they do or say as i know they are all instigated to do so by my in-laws. That's years ago and they've all given up, lol. And yes, i live with my in-laws. Over the years, they've gown older and mellowed down a lot. In fact, i think they've somehow gotten used to my way of life and decided to live with it instead of forcing me to become their ideal DIL.

In a way, i'm blessed with a understanding hubby who's always on my side. I can count on him to voice out on my behalf. Well, if you want peace to reign in the household, never attempt to argue with your in-laws unless you are in the right and absolutely right. Even then, if your hubby isnt on your side, you are in the wrong though you are right, get what i mean. So, knowing where you stand in the family is of utmost important if you want to stay sane when living with your in-laws.

Many of my friends have often wondered why i dont move out. I dont really have an answer to that question. I may not be on the best of terms with my in-laws, in a way, they dont despise me either. Let's just say we've all learned to tolerate respect each other's way of life. If not, i would have bugged hubby to move out years ago. Moreover, he travels a lot these days and it's good to have someone to help me keep an eye on my younger kid when i'm out.

Being an ex-interior designer, of course, i've often dreamt of getting a place of my own one day. Last week, i stumbled across some really good home plans online. Going through the site brings back so much memories of my working days. I kinda miss those days though. Oh well, i cant turn back the clock. If i have the means, i'd surely buy a huge piece of land and then build myself a house. The house plans here are tempting to do just that. If you are looking for a house plan for your new place, then check out any of the links i left here in this post. I'm sure you'll find one that fits your budget.

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