Saturday, March 13, 2010

Custom Labels have lots of uses

I'm so glad i made my kids go to bed late just now. They were so tired after a long day that they fell asleep almost immediately after i turned the lights out. I could hear them snore shortly after that, bliss. I believe this is also why the loud noise coming from next door doesn't bother them much. My neighbor, a young couple in their early thirties, are quarreling again. They quarrel a lot, especially in the middle of the night and they can go on for hours on end. Don't they understand that people need to sleep. If tomorrow's a school day, i think i'll be having a fine time trying to get the kids back into bed without them kicking up a fuss. They can get pretty grouchy and whiny if loud noises wake them up unexpectedly. I would too!!!!

My blog buddy found me online at 5am and we had a short chat. I told her about the din from next door and she gave me a link to Data Graphics Inc., a site where we can order Custom Printed Labels online. She told me her dad used to live right next to a couple that fights every other day or so. He got so fed up with them that he ordered some Custom Labels and had them pasted all over their fence, lol. He says it's better to let the Custom Label do the talking for him. The couple finally got the drift and moved away. Good idea, huh? I wonder if this will work in my favor or not. Good also. If they move away, i can buy over their house. Then, i'll have a huge place when i remodel the house, lol. Should i do just that? Would you?

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