Friday, April 16, 2010

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My neighbor saw me washing my new car last Saturday morning and asked me why i dont send it to the car wash center instead. I told him washing the car is a good form of physical exercise and he laughed. He asked me to wash his as well :p. For one, it's a new car and i want to give it a good polishing each week. This is to protect the car's paint, which is constantly under attack by the rain and harsh UV rays of the sun.

The only thing i wish for now is a covered car porch. I found that my skin tone is five shades darker once i'm done polishing my car!!!! If not, i may need to wash and polish my car at night, lol. Well, i'm not going to do this often. I just want to give the car a few layers of polish over a period of time, and i'm done. All my effort is going to last me for months.

My neighbor reminded me to call him up when it's time to renew my road tax and auto insurance next year. Let's see if he can offer me cheap auto insurance or not. If not, i'll renew mine online. We have three cars and if i were to renew all the auto insurance together, i'll definitely get a better deal. Well, till then. If you are looking also for cheap auto insurance, then check out the link i left here in this post.

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