Thursday, May 06, 2010

I love visiting trade shows

I've been out shopping with my friend for the past few days. There are so many items on her shopping list that the both of us havent got a clue where to start, lol. We finally decided to get all the bathroom items first. She told me she needs to decorate her bathroom properly as she spends a great deal amount of time there first thing each morning. I agree fully with her. Reason is, my hubby hogs the bathroom almost every morning, lol.

We drove to the trade center as there's a bathroom exhibition there. We were hoping to get lots of best buy items there. There are so many trade show booths around and we almost got lost in the labyrinth. I almost bumped into a few banner stands. After a few hours, we were walking back to the car with our hands full of bathroom items.

I still remember how i used to visit trade shows with my hubby when the both of us were still running our ID business in KL. Vendors there sure know how to attract potential customers with their creative show booth displays, complete with table skirts, Pipe and Drape, etc. I you are about to hold an exhibition, you may the links i left here in this post useful to you. Check them out.

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