Friday, June 18, 2010

Let's give the bathroom a mini makeover

The school holidays are coming to an end. In three more days time, it's back to the daily grind for me. Have you taken your kids anywhere these two weeks? As for my kids, they got to spend lots of time playing with their cousins over at both my mom's and sister's house. They had a great time with lots of homecooked meals and video games, lol.

Somehow, i still dont feel as though i got enough rest this school holiday. I guess holiday or not, i am still facing the same kind of stress. The only time i feel relaxed is when i'm taking a bath. I love to spend a long time inside my bathroom as it's the only place in the house that the kids cannot be with me, lol.

I told hubby since we have to use the bathroom the first thing in the morning, it's time we give it a mini makeover. He agreed with me and told me to go look for some bathroom toilets as he wants to replace ours. As for me, i want a new long bath and also a bigger vanity counter with lots of storage for my shampoo and stuffs. Well, i found some nice and affordable bathroom toilets here. If you are are also thinking of giving your bathroom a makeover, the link i left her will definitely be of help to you.

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