Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Of cheating husbands and private investigators

Most of the ladies who send and pick their kids up from school are housewives. I've made friends with some of them and as time went by, our conversation extends beyond the topic on kids. Some of them tell me stories of how they once used to be working ladies but chose to resign from their job to stay home and mind the kids. It's not an easy transition. Many of them were just not prepared nor understand how demanding life as a homemaker can be. A lot of them wish to go back to work but found it hard as they've not been working for years. Moreover, it's not easy to get a good job these days either.

Yesterday, one of them told me she suspects her husband of seeing another woman behind her back. He's not been his usual self for months and often comes home late with lipstick stains on his clothes. He'll just shrug it off whenever my friend, Kelly, ask him about it. Kelly told me her mom suggested she hire a private investigator to check on her husbands whereabouts. If the private investigator can provide her with proof that her husband is indeed cheating on her, she can have a stronger case against him if she choose to take him to court.

Talking of private investigators. I still remember the time a cousin of mine mentioned something about being a private investigator. I wonder of he's turned private investigator yet or not. Well, if you happen to be staying in Atlanta and am looking for a good Atlanta PI to help you out, the link i left here in this post may be of help to you. Do take a moment to check it out, ya.

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