Friday, September 03, 2010

Holiday bathroom makeover project

Oh man, school holiday is here again. And this time, it's for a good 10 days at a stretch!!! It's just too bad that hubby has gone back to work and wont be back to spend the holidays with us. I hinted to him last week that i'll drive the kids down instead. Abuthen, he gave me a firm NO, sigh. He's worried that something might happen to us on the highway with the heavy holiday traffic. In a way, it's true also. Many people will be traveling on the highway as Hari Raya is drawing near. My dear Muslim friends have lots of shopping to do.

Anyway, it's okay as i will be quite busy with the kids and also helping my MIL with the bathroom renovation. The bathroom accessories and fittings are in. She hasnt called the plumber in yet, but i guess he'll be here either next Monday or Tuesday. Hey, if you have nothing to do this school holiday, why not give your bathrooms a good makeover. Dont forget it's the first place you head to the moment you wake up. My hubby spends like 30 minutes in there each morning!!! The link here has some really affordable bathroom suites. Go check them out!!!

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