Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Still buying gold?

One more weekend, and there'll be no more formal events to attend. I dont really like attending any event that requires lots of make-up and getting dressed up to the nines. I'm just notup to all that fuss. Given the choice, i'm most comfortable in jeans, tee and Crocs. Well, see what parenting turned me into, lol. My high-heels, talon-nails, long hair are things of the past. Well, unless hubby hires a maid and a nanny to take care of the household and kids, i dont mind playing the high-society tai-tai game all over, lol. I can then sit in front of the pc and buy a gold bullion or two each week. Are you into gold investment? If you are, you may want to see what United States Gold Bureau has to offer.

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