Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Who takes care of the car maintenance bill?

Hubby just told me he might want to take the Alza down with him to KL. Well, as long as he pays the installment for me each month, he can have it for as long as he please, lol. As for me, the school holidays are just round the corner. I wont be needing the car to ferry the kids to and fro school for weeks till the new school term begins next year. Well, maybe for tuition or art classes on weekends.

We still have two more cars at home. Both cars belong to my in-laws. As i'll have to drive my MIL's car a lot soon, i guess i'll get hubby to send it to thr car workshop and have it serviced. The car may be old, but it doesnt have much creaking sounds. We took care of it and have t serviced on time and replace all wear and tear items with genuine car parts. I noticed its interior fittings have come off as the car is parked outside the house under the hot sun. Will try to get them all fixed during the school holidays.

I was online with my cousin earlier and he told me about this Los Angeles auto repair. He drives a Honda Civic and just had the head gasket replaced a few weeks back. He rattled on about his car with all the technical jargons and left me lost somewhere along the conversation, lol. Well, i'll just leave the car with hubby with instruction to have it back in tip-top condition. How nice to have a hubby, eh.

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