Thursday, January 06, 2011

Dont drink and drive, ok

Most of my game crazy FB friends are still mad with Farmville. I've already gotten over that game long ago. Dont see the point of having to keep planting, harvesting and plowing, lol. Especially when i feel that Zynga isnt really coming up anything new for that game except to keep getting us to build new buildings, expand and collect items. Bored to death by those repetitive things. The other day, i was sending gifts to my friends when i got news that one of my Farmville addicts got pulled over by police officers due to DWI. That happened on New Year's Eve. He must have gone a few glasses over the limit. Driving While Intoxicated can be a serious charge as the offender is putting other people's life at risk on the road. So, remember never to drive after you've had to much to drink. Get a friend to send you home instead, ok. The car can wait. Oh well, my friend may need a to have a few Houston DWI lawyers to help him out of his predicament now.

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