Saturday, February 12, 2011

iGot invited!!!

Hubby's going back to the city tomorrow. He invited me out for a drink at the pub just now. Isnt he sweet. He knows that i've not been to one for a long long time. Dont ask me how long i've not been to one cos i cant really remember, lol. Anyway, i told him i prefer to drink beer out in the open air. So, that means we'll be going to the foodcourt later tonight after the kids have gone to bed. I guess in the event of a fight, i can just errr...... take off as fast as possible. My friend was hurt in a pub brawl recently and got hurt in all the commotion. He had to seek legal help from an Austin Personal Injury Attorney. He gave me the contact and just in case you need an Personal Injury Attorney in Austin. Write it donw, ya - O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949

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